In these modern times of social networking and online interactions, people are competing to see who has the largest and most loyal following. We take a look at how and why millions of people buy twitter followers. This is especially evident in the major successful social network sites such as twitter. In this platform, people communicate with each other and exchange information about various topics popularly named harsh tags.

When a person attempts to buy a large online following, they do not put into account the fact that millions of inactive and unknown followers are nothing compared to just a few online friends who will actually engage, respond and comment actively with you. It may seem very attractive to buy as many twitter followers as possible in an attempt to boost the number to a substantial amount, just how helpful are they in the long run?

There is a surprisingly huge number of websites to be found online that claim to increase the amount of followers one has. Most will charge a small penalty or fee, while others do it for free. Let us discuss some methods to ensure a large number of followers in twitter.

The most common method when it comes to buying twitter followers is employing a massive and aggressive effort at following as many people as possible. This is a long process that involves daily activity on your twitter account and waiting even longer for those followed to follow you back. Many will give those who donĂ­t follow back some lead time, and then unfollow them in order to reduce the number that they follow. It would seem that the twitter dream is to achieve as high a number of followers as can be, and as few people that they follow back as possible.

Another sneaky and somewhat unscrupulous method to increase followers by the thousands is to pay brokers or agents who own multiple, inactive twitter accounts. The aim of this move is to only increase the number of followers, who are basically nonexistent and are normally just a bunch of random names, numbers and letters. The accounts will never be active nor will they ever comment on issues or contribute to important online debates.

There are certain setbacks to having ghost followers. When found out, this can lead to people losing their respect for you and even a mass exodus of followers. Some have been known to lose millions of followers due to ghost, or zombie accounts that might be morally questionable.

Celebrities are the most common abusers of online social sites and it is true that most will buy twitter followers but will never admit to the fact that not all of their followers are legitimate. The intent of this move is to show their fans that they have a tremendous amount of followers and likeminded fans. Although buying twitter followers works for most people, it is far better to have only a limited number of loyal, active followers than have a massive army of ghosts or zombie followers that are as inactive as a rock.